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Rangers are known for a lot of things, like Leading the Way, breaking stuff, and getting dirty. Our founders are Special Operation veterans of the 75th Ranger Regiment who got tired of breaking stuff...so we decided to focus on growing stuff instead! Our goal is to offer the highest quality and natural mushrooms and other products to ensure bad asses have the the highest quality fuel and health so they can focus on being the beasts they are.

We are turning traditional farming into TACTICAL FARMING by condensing everything into an urban environment. Ranger Farms maximizes the space we have to to optimize our farming capacity and reduce our footprint on the world. Just because you live in a city doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to fresh farm-to-table mushrooms, microgreens, and other natural products.

Ranger Farms wants to motivate you to put everything you have in your passion, whether you're fighting for your country, running into a burning building, pulling an all-nighter on a presentation, writing code till your eyes fall out, etc.…. If you give it 100% and then some, Ranger Farms is with you!