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Why Us

October 17, 2020

Why are America’s dirtiest men using Hatchet Hygiene’s natural bar soap and bodywash? Let us throw out a little scenario. Say you are sitting in the back of a CH-47 after getting picked up from the middle of a 500-acre poppy field. The CH-47 somehow found every piece of loose dirt and threw it right in your face before you ran past two giant engine spitting straight fumes. 3 hours before this, you were humping 80 pounds plus of gear 10k through rough terrain and sticky…ass crack soaking muggy night heat. Unknown things happened on target (sssshhhhhh) and here we are…. smelling like shit with 50 other dudes and a couple of dogs. So, after a couple PowerPoints, it is finally time to wash up, sit in a tent with makeshift plywood walls and get ready for the next one.

With all this built up stank it requires something just as fierce, so what do you grab? Bleach? Detergent? Kill it with fire? Nah we are smarter than that; we let the power of nature tackle our stank. Natural soap nukes dirt and melts that marinating funk but, does not dry out the skin and leaves our natural flora. Most store-bought soap strips your skin of everything good and bad, which leaves your skin defenseless! Do not Blue Falcon your skin and leave it hanging, alone and black on moisture. Natural soap does not strip away the natural oils in/on your skin but “carries” dirt, bacteria, and other foreign contaminants off.

Hatchet Hygiene’s natural soap is for men that care about quality and do not want to keep splat chemical crap on themselves and call it good. We keep it simple but care about quality. Even the FDA concluded that Natural soap is just as effective as “detergent” classified soap. This isn’t a war against store-bought soap this is a war against lazy-ness and ineffective grooming. We are those that love to get dirty and make sure we smell great when we are planning our next adventure. GET DIRTY. SMELL GREAT. RINSE. REPEAT.



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